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This absolutely beautiful bracelet will add glamorous texture to your Kiffany charm collection! This exquisite bracelet is woven in sterling silver and preserves its circular shape, making it effortless to put on and remove.

This bracelet features a stunning barrel clasp with sparkling CZ stones, making for a sophisticated pairing with your Kiffany Charms Ensemble.

Jericho Pavé Bracelet (Silver-P/G Clasp)

  • To choose the best size Jericho Bracelet, we suggest the following:

    (S/7.1 in): for a small wrist, usually chosen for women sizes 2-6.

    (M/7.5 in): standard bracelet size (80% of women wear this size), usually fits women sizes 6-16

    (L/7.9 in): large bracelet, for women who seldom find comfort in standard size bracelets/watches 

    (XL/8.3 in): for extra large wrists (7.2 in -7.5 in), for women who seldom find a bracelet that is large enough for their wrist. 


    Add .8 inch to your tight wrist measurement to estimate your bracelet size. 


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