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We have created Charms Ensembles that combine our ΔΣΘ customers' favorite charms! All of these Charm Ensembles are adorned with our Precious Pearl Charms, made of Freshwater Cultured Pearls set in Sterling Silver. The Precious Pearl Charm Ensembles include the following:


DIVA Charm Ensemble (ΔΣΘ)

1 DIVA Charm

2 Precious Pearl Charms-White


 LΔVE Charm Ensemble (ΔΣΘ)

1 LΔVE Charm

2 Precious Pearl Charms-White


DIVA LΔVE Charm Ensemble (ΔΣΘ)

1 LΔVE Charm

1 DIVA Charm

2 Precious Pearl Charms-White


Bracelets shown are sold separately.

Precious Pearls Charms Ensemble (ΔΣΘ)

PriceFrom $250.00
    • Please See Individual Charm Listings for Charms Descriptions 
    • Bracelets & Necklaces are Available for Purchase
  • We are pleased to assist you in any way to make your shopping experience a pleasure!

    1-888-KIF-2019 (543-2019)

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