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This custom Eta Kappa Chapter Charm is a double-sided gold-plated sterling silver charm. This charm flaunts a crimson colored enamel Delta symbol as its centerpiece, embedded in sparkling white pave stones and surrounded by miny Delta cutouts on the side of the charm........a signature design original introduced by Kiffany & Co. in 2020! 


This chapter charm features a custom Eta Kappa inscription on the front of the charm and crimson enamel HK letters surrounded by white pavé stones on the back of the charm. 



Chapter Charm: Eta Kappa Chapter

    • Metal: 14K Gold-plated Sterling Silver
    • Stones: Pavé CZ Stones
    • Bracelets & Necklaces are Available for Purchase
    • Dimensions (L/W/H): 0.6 IN/0.6 IN/0.3IN
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